Linear Layers

These layers of textured yarns, threads and ribbons that are stitched in place look striking in a variety of colours.

Liturgical colours are popular but I have also made this design with all sorts of colour combinations, just ask and I will make colour swatches. Highlights in silver, gold and sparkles are also available.

The green design can come with a set of 7 fimo sheep including a black one. These are on small brooch pins which can be removed for cleaning or telling stories.

Alpha and Omega

This is a very adaptable design and can be made in any colour ways. People often substitute the alpha and omega for a simple cross.

Rainbow end with doves

This design can have any colour ways and any number of doves. I have made this with a rainbow in pastel shades, and it would work well in sahdes of red and yellow for a Pentecost design.

Wavy lines with Cross

Although this version is shown in green it can be made in any colour variations, with or without sparkles.

Floral arrangement

This experimental design used die cut flowers which are then free machine stitched onto the base. This would work with any colour combination, with and without the stalks.

Sari Silk

This design uses strips of recycled sari fabric sewn onto the base, leaving the frayed edges of the silk.

This design also works very well on white. When ordering this design would need to know the colours you wanted and I would send you photos of the fabrics I can source before sewing this together.

Recycled Stole

This design came about after making the flower stole. I sat looking at a box of beautiful coloured trimmings from the die cut flowers thinking they were too nice to throw away. This design utilizes all my scraps, and off cuts of fabric, which would be too small for anything else and normally thrown away. I now keep a big box on my desk and save everything. These scraps have been lightly stitched over in a gold thread to hold them in place, but still leaving an element of texture.

This technique has been used on this stole as a band of colour, but I have also made this on white as a colourful dipped end of a stole, other elements can be added over this, a cross for example.

Bands of Colour

This very simple design is just playing with colours, it’s a very adaptable design and colours can easily be varied.

Dove and Flames

A classic design for Pentecost

Green, Pink, Blue Cross

Examples of previous customer's designs