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If you are interested in ordering a bespoke stole,

please bear in mind that they are made to order, and I do not keep any stock.

So last minute requests are not possible.

Firstly I recommend looking at the information on the MAKING AND DESIGN page and gathering some inspiration from the GALLERY setion of the website.

Once you have some ideas you can email to discuss them and at that stage I will give you an idea of pricing.

Time taken to make a stole will vary dramatically on the time of year, I can get very busy leading upto the ordinations. Often at that time of year I will prioritise the white stoles then in order of the colours needed, but I would keep you fully informed of time scales. As much time as possible is appreciated when ordering.

Important information needed...

As well as the basics of your chosen design and a postal address for delivery here is what you need to decide before you place an order.

Will you need a side fastening for a deaconate year?

Would you like a cross embroidered on the back of the on the neck?

What length of stole do you need?


How to measure yourself for a stole...

You can either borrow a stole from someone and guage a measurement from that,

Or you can work out a measurement with the help of a friend. Standing infront of a full length mirror, get the friend to drap a tape measure from between your shoulders, measuring at roughly knee level. Its impossible to do this yourself.

As a very rough guide

(bearing in mind your build will effect it)

110cm would be very short

115cm short

120 average

125 taller than average

130 tall

Stole care

If your stole needs cleaning I would recommend dry cleaning, and not to wash the stole yourself.

I have successfully cleaned small areas of stoles using clear alcohol or even vanish soap. Before attempting this I would recommend testing a small inconspicuous area first.

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